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Laparoscopic Surgery

Offers reduced pain and recovery time.

At Lucerne Veterinary Hospital, we offer our patients a number of surgical procedures including laparoscopy. Laparoscopic surgery is an alternative to traditional open surgery and comes with a smaller incision site and less post-op pain. 

Laparoscopic surgery is sometimes referred to as “keyhole surgery” because the entire procedure is performed through an incision about the size of a keyhole. From there, a miniature camera is inserted through the incision, allowing the surgeon to guide their tools and see the pet’s internal organs in real time. 

Examples of surgeries that can be done laparoscopically:

  • Cryptorchid neuters (retained testicles)
  • Liver biopsies
  • Intestinal biopsies
  • Gastropexy (stomach tacking surgery) 

When compared to traditional surgery, laparoscopies are less invasive and come with multiple benefits. Because they require only small incisions, both pain and recovery time are significantly reduced. Pets that undergo laparoscopic surgery tend to need less post-op pain medication than those who undergo open surgery and their risk of infection is lowered. 

Though not all surgeries can be performed via laparoscopy, we always encourage laparoscopic procedures when appropriate.

If your pet requires surgery, call us at (207) 843-6300 to discuss whether they may be a good candidate for laparoscopic surgery. 

Laparoscopic Pet Surgery